Nuts mix with cheese “Tverdy znak” 150 g

Mix of nuts kernels roasted salty, peanut kernels roasted salty and dried cheese.

Composition: peanut, almond, cheese, cashew, hazelnut.

Peanut kernels roasted salty (peanut kernels, salt, sunflower oil), sweet almond kernels roasted, dried cheese (pasteurized milk, fermentation starter of mesophilic and thermophilic lactic bacteria, salt, milk-clotting enzymatic agent of animal origin), cashew kernels roasted, hazelnut kernels roasted.
Presence of a small amount of other nuts, peanut, sesame particles and gluten is possible.
Nutritional value (average values) per 100 g of product: proteins – 27 g; fats – 50 g; carbs – 11 g.
Energy value / calorific value: 2490 kJ/600 kcal.

Nuts mix with cheese “Tverdy znak” 150 g

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