Orekhprom JSC is the only manufactory in Russia with a full cycle of nut processing


Manufactory with the full-cycle of nuts processing

Steps of nut processing

Nuts cultivating and harvesting
Raw material sorting
Nuts hulling
Optical sorting
Ingredients manufacturing
Nut paste
Nut pastes production
Nuts chopping
Nuts chopping
Nuts roasting
Nuts roasting

Hulling and calibration

On the Orekhprom plantation, there is a hulling workshop.

Nuts are hulled, calibrated and transported to the manufactory for further processing.

Raw material sorting

Resonance sorter SORTER ECHO MAX 24+24

For raw material sorting we use modern equipment, which guarantees us the best results of this processing step.

On the basis of the resonant motion, shell parts and other foreign bodies are sorted out from the production stream.

The usage of the resonance sorter guarantees maximal 1 piece of shell per 2 tons of product

Nuts sorting

Optical sorter SORTEX Z+R

Defective elements and impurities are detected according to the color, form or other parameters and removed from the product stream. Technologies for the defects detection:

  • Color and monochromatic high-resolution cameras.
  • Additional InGaAs cameras.
  • Additional PROfile technology.


Manual sorting

Conveyor sorting is an obligatory step of the manufacturing process.

Nuts chopping

Our manufacturing equipment enables us to produce chopped goods of different cut fractions.


RK 50
The sugar melter RK 50 is a batch cooker for croquant (melting sugar and mixing nuts).

Nut pastes manufacturing

We produce pastes of various fineness degrees from the nuts of different roasting degree.

Usage of the metal detector

Metal detector Malim IV

We produce pastes of various fineness degrees from nuts of different roasting degree.

Zoning of the production workshops

The scheme of the company`s territory zoning is set in accordance with the OREKHPROM Food Safety Management System, Prerequisite Program and the GOST R ISO 22000-2007 regulations. For each of the zone, there exist requirements, designed to prevent microbiological, chemical and allergenic contamination of the product.

Realization of the zoning guidelines plays a significant role in providing a safe and high qualitative product.


Separate storage of raw materials. No more than 1 type of a product on 1 pallet. Zoning of the storage area.


For every production type (nut kernel) there is a specific production area. For different types of nuts there are separate technical lines and structurally divided manufacturing departments.

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